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Jesus Flores is the founder and co-director of the Internet Journalism Observatory and founder of Journalists Bloggers Association. As a journalist he has worked in newspapers, broadcast and digital media and as technology consultant at PwC and Andersen Co. (joint venture of Nakua Tech.)

Since 2006, he organizes international conferences in online journalism and directs and coordinates research projects related to Cyberjournalism, Blogs, Social Media and Knowledge Technologies. He was Speaker in International Journal of Arts and Sciences Conference at the Harvard University and guest lecturer at national and international conferences. Currently, he is professor of technology at the Complutense University and professor of Cyberjournalism in the ABC (newspaper of Spain).

PhD in Information Science / Journalism by the Complutense University and MBA / Master in Information and Documentation by the Carlos III of Madrid University and Degree by San Martin de Porres University.





3 dic. 2010



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